I am that spontaneous friend with a big heart and a lot of sass. Jesus is who I follow and Red Bull + tacos are what I fill my body with. Most days you can find me hangin' out with my puppy, crushing a workout, or catching up on the latest reality show. Being a stereotypical Oregonian, I naturally love hiking, paddle boarding, and local breweries.

I love getting to know people... like really getting to know people. I love hearing about their journey - what makes them come alive, what makes them tick, what dreams they have, etc. But, what I love even more is capturing those things on camera. I love capturing genuine smiles and lots of belly laughs. I'm able to gift each client a collection of memories to look back on when they want to relive the magic of that day, when they need a moment to cling to, or when they are dusting off the photo album with their grandkids.

My Story.

After graduating from Oregon State University in twenty sixteen (go beavs), I began working with the women's basketball team at Oregon State. My responsibilities include content creation for potential recruits and social media channels, breaking down game and practice film, and supporting the coaching staff. I always knew I loved creating, but it was through my work with the women's basketball team where I absolutely fell in love with conceptualizing and creating purposeful content.

But, outside of a few wedding invitation designs and editing vacation pictures for friends, I hadn't taken the step to pursing that love of content creation for other people. But, during quarantine, we've all had time to experience life in a way we never have before. For me, I was able to take a step back from the 24/7 grind of college athletics. I realized that I want to live a life that allows me to tell people's incredibly unique stories from behind the lens and create memories that last longer than a recruiting class or an instagram feed.

So, during one hot July evening (sweating at midnight kind of night), I began to take that leap of faith. I sat down at the kitchen table and started researching everything I could about photography. Two weeks later, I purchased my camera.... and the rest is history!

Did you want a bland, forgettable photographer?

I didn't think so!!!! I know I'm just a stranger on the internet right now. But, let's grab some tacos and a marg (or two) and change that! #cheers